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Facade Solutions
New Standards

Accelerate your facade manufacturing projects by using FacadeCam.

With FacadeCam, you can gain speed in your facade manufacturing projects.

Today, many facade companies are losing money and time due to human errors made in manufacturing projects. Did you know that you can get rid of manufacturing errors with FacadeCam?


Do you know that with FacadeCam, you can complete your facade projects much faster and free from human errors compared to classical methods, and you can step into a comfortable business life with the awareness that every piece going to the construction site will fit perfectly?

Glass Manufacturing

In addition to creating error-free and complete production drawings and assembly plans of all the glasses in your projects, you can get them as an Excel dump.

Galvanized Pan Manufacturing

Your pan productions, up to the anchor notches and mounting screw holes, are drawn in seconds in accordance with both the architectural control drawing and laser cutting and bending, and the assembly plan is prepared. Your solution is right next to you with FacadeCam. 

Profile Manufacturing

Are you ready to take the profile productions from the appearance drawings of your projects in seconds  with all the dimensions and notches?

Abstract Lines

If you want, let us do your facade projects for you.

We can handle your hiring loads of staff. You can always contact us if you want to have your projects done in a complete and error-free manner, free from human errors, with the tools we have developed specifically for ourselves.

Project Service

We are always at your side with our 3D project support and error-free manufacturing drawings in your façade works.

Product design

You can contact us for R&D studies and designs for new products that you want to develop or add to your existing product range.

3D Architectural Visualization

You can contact us to bring your projects to life with realistic renders using Corona Render.


We are always with you during the realization of your Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality ideas. Among the requirements of today, these technologies that will accelerate your sales, both in your product box designs and in the experience of your products and services, are right next to you with us.

To Make a Difference in Your Business

With the services you will receive from us, you will stand out among your competitors, be a few steps ahead of all your competitors and enjoy doing business without mistakes.

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

You can contact us to speed up your projects and to project them with the highest accuracy in a short time. 

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